*Partners HealthCare is now Mass General Brigham. Soon you’ll see this name across our system—including Partners Video Education. Please bear with us as we transition this website to our new name. Thank you.*

Video Education

Patient education is an integral part of our mission, helping to engage and empower patients to improve their health. Providers from across the Partners network have created patient education videos on a variety of topics so patients can better understand their health. After reviewing these materials, patients should always partner with their care team to make the best health care decisions for their unique needs.

Engaging patients in their own care is a priority for Mass General Brigham. Research shows that engaged patients have better health outcomes. Patients who understand their condition and treatment options can work with their provider to make informed decisions about their health and the care they receive. Mass General Brigham works with providers (like doctors and nurses, among others) to create videos designed to educate patients and their families. Most videos are less than 10 minutes and offer expert information on these topics:

Other Patient Resources

 Are you a patient? Ask your Mass General Brigham’s network primary care clinician if they offer these programs.

Not yet a Mass General BrighamPatient? Use the Mass General Brigham Find-a-Doctor Tool or find more patient information here.